Crowshall Veterinary Services Environmental Policy 2023/2024

15th February 2024

Crowshall Environmental Policy

Crowshall Veterinary Services LLP has always been a business guided by strong principles, with a consistent focus on championing the production of healthy and sustainable food while promoting outstanding animal health and welfare.

We have never shied away from tackling challenges encountered by the veterinary and agricultural sectors, whether it be through our responsible use of antibiotics or our progressive attitude to mental health support for both staff and clients alike; with the ever-growing evidence for imminent climate crisis we intend to act now to ensure the sustainability of our services.

We are working with Investors in the Environment (IIE), an external environmental accreditation provider, to build upon the previous successes of 2020 during which we gained our existing Silver sustainability accreditation, to work towards Green accreditation status. This is a process which involves stringent and ongoing auditing to assure we meet our reduction and offsetting targets.

Please click here to read the Crowshall Veterianry Services Environmental Policy 2023/2024.