Crowshall Veterinary Services LLP offer a parasitology screening service. Internal parasites can be detected in a number of ways. The most commonly used sensitive technique is to submit cull birds from the a flock every 6-8 weeks. Post mortem examination can then be used to detect worms grossly and intestinal scrapings can also be observed under the microscope to look for immature worms and worm eggs.

Many people prefer to submit a composite faeces sample (made up of 20 fresh droppings from the slats). These can be posted to Crowshall and then subjected to worm egg and coccidial counting. The test can be undertaken quickly and results available within one hour of receipt of the sample. Such a test can be a very useful aid in a worm control programme, when it may not be considered cost effective to routinely worm the flock every 6-8 weeks.

Another type of sample submitted is litter. Such samples are useful when conducting routine analysis for the detection of levels of coccidial oocyst shedding but this only has limited value for detection of worm problems due to the low sensitivity of the test.

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Faeces Worm
Worm Egg Counting Preparation
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