Pathology Suite

The Crowshall Pathology Suite

Crowshall Veterinary Services LLP are proud to offer a rapid pathology diagnostic facility. This part of the business has been tailored to allow birds to be submitted for post mortem 24 hours daily. We try wherever possible to have a veterinary surgeon on site to take detailed histories, to conduct clinical examinations and to undertake post mortems whilst clients wait.

Rapid diagnosis is essential to the prognosis of a flock. Therefore by offering this rapid service the prognosis can be optimised by providing possible diagnoses, constructing further diagnostic procedures, advising on management changes where necessary and prescribing on the spot. Where necessary medicines can also be dispensed to optimise flock health and welfare.

Many diseases or infections may not have any gross pathology of signficance but in such a situation post mortems are still of great importance in eliminating many other conditions. Furthermore samples can be taken at the time of post mortem and then submitted to the Crowshall Veterinary laboratory for further testing. The laboratory is functional 365 days per year, again to ensure the quickest possible diagnoses.

Where a diagnosis cannot be made at the time of post mortem and in house laboratory testing has eliminated some of the more common problems then materials can be forwarded to other laboratories for further testing



The Pathology Suite